Cubotron 2.0 now available

Hoi Psykonauts!

Last weekend we worked hard on the next version of Cubotron. Along with some minor Bugfixing, we implemented the Google Play Achievements. Get them all now while playing an enjoyable game of cubetapping. Additionally to that you do not have to log in every time you start the game. Just log in once and the game remembers that you already did that the last time you were there. Until you decide to log out. The last big change is the banner of the advertisements. Those were shown to big on some devices and hid the Interface. (We are sorry for inconveniences caused by this bug.)

Get your brand new Version of Cubotron now!

Cubotron in the Google Play Store:

Support the expansion to IOS

Hello fellow Psykonians,

we want to start this thing as transparent as possible. Thus here is the first goal, we set for the donations that reach us:

We want to go iOS!

Thus we will spend the first 99$ on the iOS Develop Program.

We will give you weekly Status-updates on how much you already donated. Currently our PayPal Account holds 14 cents, which came from a generous member of our team, to test the functionality.

If you want to get mentioned for your donation in our weekly status update, just send an email  to We would love, to get to know our fans better. But even if you do not want to get mentioned, you will still be our personal hero.

Cubotron released

Deactivate activated cubes with a simple tip of your finger.

This game was made on a friday and saturday evening and is propably not entirely bug free. Please feel free to use the feedback system provided by Google to let us know of issues and bugs or visit our communityboards found here to get in touch with us. Have fun and make sure to cool down your fingertips on regular intervalls.

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